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What is GRC?

GRC is for students who require a stepping stone into further education or employment after turning 16. GRC students embark on a year-long course of project-based and experiential learning which is designed to develop the attributes that employers want in successful young recruits. We call them the ROCCIT Values: Resilience, Organisation, Communication, Community, Initiative and Teamwork. As well as developing these vital soft skills, GR6 also offers students the chance to improve their Life Skills and explore personal Change, as well as gaining real life, supported work experience when we take over The Swan every week in what has become a hugely popular day for students and Swan customers: Epic Thursdays.


Who is it for? (16-25 year olds)

GRC is a much needed alternative for pupils who are either not ready or not equipped to thrive in a mainstream college or school sixth form environment. GRC aims to be a place where pupils can flourish and build a momentum that will take them on a path to success. 

What do we do?

Along side the Roccit Programme - the course of project-based and experiential learning, we also do:


English and Maths Resit

English - We offer the opportunity to revisit GCSE English Language and develop a better quality of written communication, general literacy and comprehension. Regardless of future aspirations literacy is vital to any workplace and increases pupils’ employability.

Mathematics - these re-sits aim to boost calculation skills and improve problem solving abilities with the aim of achieving a higher grade than has previously been achieved. Above all else Maths aims to develop confidence and self-esteem with numbers in order to function in the wider world.


The importance of a healthy lifestyle is at the forefront of our ethos with all our pupils. We have a healthy eating policy and encourage all pupils to respect their mind and bodies. Once a week, alongside the lower school and all our staff, GRC play team sports. It is an entirely egalitarian arena where everyone plays with sportsmanship, respect and most of all enjoyment. Friendly competition encourages maximum effort and

 this is also a great opportunity for our GRC pupils to be positive role models for our lower school.

“The sixth form is outstanding. All students are prepared well so that they make a successful transition to education, training or employment” - Ofsted

“Students have the opportunity to take part in work placements, which enriches their sixth-form experience effectively. Students are prepared well for their next stage of education, employment or training.” - Ofsted

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