Therapeutic Curriculum

Therapy is accepted as part of the process of education at The Green Room and we try to dispel any stigmas attached to it. Everyone needs therapy in one sense or another, whether this is through talking, playing sport, being creative or otherwise. Having the opportunity to achieve perspective and balance in life is vital to unleash the potential of The Green Room pupil. At The Green Room we have a full time Therapist who holds one to one sessions with our pupils.  Each pupil is assessed and an agreed focus for work is undertaken. This involves consultation with key family members and family interventions if required. Our Therapist provides Tier 2/3 level therapeutic support. Sessions are psychotherapeutic in nature and here, unhelpful behaviour patterns, family dynamics, difficult past experiences and an awareness of emotions can be explored in a safe and contained medium through creativity. Sessions can also encompass solution focused work or basic emotional literacy depending on the level of need for each individual pupil.

Level Best

Level Best is a system that helps pupils change their own lives for the better. Level Best consists of three levels, each one consisting of three self-imposed challenges that must be achieved before progressing to the next one. By taking ownership of what holds them back, we work together with the pupils to track their therapeutic progress. Level Best is simple but effective. Achievable for any pupil that is motivated to ‘level up’ it’s a great mentoring tool for staff and for those pupils who reach Level 2 or Level 3 we not only see huge changes in behaviour and attitude but also a direct increase in attendance and academic progress. Level Best goes straight to the root of the problem and tackles what matters most.

Windsor Curriculum

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The Curriculum

At The Green Room, our pupils are focused on creating a positive path ahead, rewriting any previous negative school experiences they may have had. Our staff guide pupils to rediscover what makes them curious, hungry to learn and improve their skills, providing them with the support and help they need to maximise their learning experience. 

We understand that fear is often the root cause of many difficulties faced by our pupils, so our main priority is to create a place of safety. We celebrate bravery and kindness and encourage our pupils to become role models for others. 

Our classes are small, allowing us to give pupils the support they need, whilst closely monitoring their progress and delivering feedback and motivation. We challenge our pupils appropriately, and actively boost their confidence to better equip them to succeed, both in the classroom and out of it.


  • Alongside the teacher is a Learning Support Assistant so all pupils have someone always available to help them. 

  • Pupils use Chromebooks with access to the full G-Suite for Education, or iPads loaded with educational apps. These resources can aid creativity, special educational needs and become a platform for research, evaluation and reflection on their learning journey.

  • Outside the classroom we have one-to-one sessions in core literacy and numeracy skills, creative therapy, speech and language therapy, counselling and careers advice. 

  • 96% of past Green Room pupils have progressed successfully into further education or employment. We still keep in touch with and where necessary, support many of them.

  • We are a small school that is not afraid to try new ideas and ways of learning, we are able to adapt to each individual’s needs and help them start a path.


"Thanks to you all for a really great parents evening last night. It is crystal clear that you know these young people's needs extremely well and are 200% committed as a team in wanting the very best and more from them and also for them."  - Parent


English, Maths and Science are compulsory and this is understood and respected by everyone. Outside of this, there is a choice of other subjects, projects and qualifications. The importance of choice is paramount, as the pupils make decisions about their own development. The subjects are defined by the skills and passions we have as staff members, but if a pupil has an interest in pursuing a subject that we don’t offer, we will do our best to facilitate it. 

"Pupils respond very positively and make strong progress in all subjects and especially English and Mathematics. At the first sign of any dip in progress, leaders immediately intervene and support pupils with one-to-one tuition" - Ofsted

Qualifications We Offer 

iGCSE English Language

GCSE English Literature (optional) 

GCSE Maths

GCSE Science

Arts Award (all levels)

The Alternative Edge (PiXL)


Our roots lie in the arts and as such we highly value the positive impact creativity can have on our pupils and their development as people. Drama and Art are offered in the curriculum and in therapy. There are also opportunities for music appreciation, media and creative writing.


In English we seize opportunities to transform texts and build the skills that prepare pupils for the language demands of their adult lives. We capitalise on the opportunities new technologies offer so that pupils can function in an ever-changing world beyond the classroom and be confident in their technological literacy.


We aim to engage our pupils and strive to be at the cutting edge of educational practice and philosophy. We adopt some of the guiding principles behind Phenomenon-based learning, popularised in Scandinavian countries. This comprises a combination of beliefs and best practices, observing real-life scenarios or phenomena such as a current events or situations present in the pupils’ world  and analysing it through an interdisciplinary approach. An essential part of the process is that it is a pupil-led investigation, with pupils identifying the gaps in their knowledge that they want to fill.


Pupils are entered for the IGCSE qualification as it provides an opportunity to demonstrate what they can do in an uncertain climate. English is central to providing pupils with the ability to express themselves clearly and function in wider society beyond school.


For our most able students we provide an opportunity to engage with and explore English literature through the AQA GCSE Literature course.


The Science curriculum covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics in preparation for the GCSE combined Science qualification.

Science is a core subject of the national curriculum and an understanding of basic scientific principles is very important if we are to make sense of an increasingly complex world. The aim is to equip pupils to ask questions and look for evidence to support a theory. 

In a world of fake news, (and fake science!) the curiosity to know how things work is a most valuable asset that we seek to encourage.



Mathematics aims to boost calculation skills and improve problem solving abilities. It teaches clearer logical thinking and sharpens concentration and observance. Our pupils will increase their mental visualisation skills, memory and sharpen their overall mental formation. The effect on reading and writing is also undeniable, and listening skills improve also. Above all else Mathematics aims to develop confidence and self-esteem with numbers in order to function in the wider world.

"Students benefit from outstanding teaching, learning and assessment, enabling them to express themselves, challenge their own beliefs and think deeply. Consequently, students make excellent progress, including in academic qualifications "- Ofsted


As part of the Sport Curriculum pupils have the opportunity to participate in 4 sports sessions each week. Sessions are held at the Windsor Leisure Centre where pupils have access to all the facilities they provide. At 1:30pm staff and pupils take the 5 minute walk to the Leisure Centre before engaging in a high energy and focussed sports session. The aim of the Sport curriculum is to build confidence, develop character and foster better self awareness of healthy living and fitness. 


The atmosphere created in sport starts from the walk to the Leisure Centre where pupils carry water bottles, kit and sports equipment, right through to the moment they exit the sports hall. Sport at The Green Room operates in tandem with therapeutic initiatives set by the school, giving pupils yet another chance to flourish not only academically but personally in their development as a Green Room pupil.

In sport our main aim is to encourage improvement and facilitate development. Our goal is for pupils to have a basic knowledge of as many sports as possible and develop a love and respect for the discipline that will motivate them to stay active in the next stage of education outside of The Green Room.

The Edge

The Edge is a programme of work designed by PIXL to build skills for life, education and future employment. It is run entirely through project based learning, encouraging pupils to explore their interests within set activities whilst developing knowledge and skills. Over the course of the Apprentice level, pupils will complete ten different activities that will cover many different subjects. These activities are split into five different principles; Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative, Communication (two activities must be completed for each principle). The focus of the course is to engage pupils in activities that encourage the use of creative and researching skills, without the pressure of needing to complete large amounts of written work, which can often act as a barrier to success.


‘Their approach to teaching children with special educational needs is exceptional.’ - Parent

4th Dimension

4th Dimension was born from the idea that our teachers and pupils have passions that lie outside of a typical school curriculum.  We use the time between lunch and sport to offer short, effective lessons on a range of topics that are chosen by the students at the start of every half term.  These lessons are short, fun, and effective because they are interest-driven and often they inspire some of the most dynamic sessions at the Green Room. Our most popular 4th Dimension sessions include: Music Appreciation, Big History, Conspiracy Theories, Life Skills, Religious Education, Argument & Debate, Comedy Connections, Inventions & Discoveries and Languages.



Before lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday every member of The Green Room School will hear a bell in the courtyard that signals the start of DEAR time.  DEAR, which stands for ‘Drop Everything And Read’, is a quiet time when everyone - staff and pupils alike - will take the opportunity to pick up a book and read.  The Green Room has a close relationship with the local public library which drops off a box of specially-requested books at the start of each term so that every school member has the opportunity to pick up a book that is specific to their interest and reading level.


The Green Room attempts to address the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of its pupils through a program of exploratory learning. Theology, Ethics and Positivity sessions are the springboard for learning, debate and reflection. What does it mean to be a person living in your town, country, planet? What do we need to live a fulfilling life? Positivity is key in pupil interaction and nurturing the confidence to move forward. All pupils get one hour a week of a debating session covering current relevant issues and PSHE.


"Pupils quickly settle in the school and make rapid progress in English, mathematics and across the curriculum. Many pupils gain qualifications that they never thought were possible as they make up previous lost ground." - Ofsted

Arts Award

The Arts Award enables our pupils to develop their creativity in a personal journey of achievement and not have to aspire to an overwhelming criteria of learning objectives. As well as developing creative skills it also focuses on communication, planning and self assessment as well as leadership and becoming self aware. During Arts Award sessions pupils have access to the whole school including a drama studio and an art room with film making possibilities. We also arrange trips out to experience art environments and invite artists to visit us at school. 

The work leads to a Bronze or Silver award (the equivalent to a GCSE at level 1 and 2 on the QCF framework) as well as a fantastic portfolio of work to use when applying to college courses. 

The Green Room has established a record of achievement with the Arts Award and has developed it’s provision to offer multiple disciplines of visual art, media, drama and creative writing.  

Achieving an Arts Award demonstrates a lot about a young person: that they are committed, independent, interested in developing new skills and willing to take on challenges.


We introduce Technology to our year 9 and 10 pupils through a scheme of work based around computer games. Our pupils explore how computer games are made and how they impact society. With the gaming sector now being bigger than both film and music combined it is important for pupils to have a good understanding of how the industry works. Primarily the focus of the course is to support pupils' development in other areas of learning, with the biggest contributions going towards english and art. Studying games as you would a piece of text or art will develop pupils critical analysis skills, supporting their studies in both subject areas. Lessons will take place weekly lasting an hour each and will be comprised of studying games and playing games.

"Staff care for and support pupils exceptionally well. The school has a family atmosphere and pupils thrive, behave well and feel safe." - Ofsted


Engineering is a weekly, hour-long session in which students explore the key contributions made by engineers to the world around them. In theory sessions, students will study everyday engineering solutions such as bridges and simple machines and engage with the fundamental scientific principles which underpin their design. In practical sessions, they will design and build their own engineering solutions, gaining experience in the engineering design process, which emphasises the importance of research, planning, testing and refining. The course will bolster students’ scientific understanding of many of the things they see and use in their everyday lives, and give them a greater appreciation of the skill and creativity that went into their design. The course straddles the scientific and creative, and will help reinforce learning from elsewhere in the curriculum, especially Science GCSE and the Arts Award.

Food and Cookery

Food and Cookery sessions at the GR aim to develop pupils understanding of basic nutrition. They help develop critical thinking skills and naturally cultivate teamwork in pupils. When pupils are involved in hands-on learning through mixing and chopping, sitting together and sharing a meal together, the impact is multi-faceted. In the food and cookery sessions, a willingness to experiment with foods is encouraged!  Each food and cookery lesson is held in the kitchen at The GR, with every session being practical. In each lesson, we aim to have a relaxed working environment to encourage pupils to feel comfortable working with food and in a kitchen setting.

Pupil Progress

The Green Room prides itself on its weekly progress report. We monitor and record attendance, engagement, academic achievement, attitude to learning, therapeutic progress, health, exercise, sleep, self awareness and social behaviour of every single pupil. Our aim is to provide a safe, consistent environment for our pupils, to make short term changes and enable them to go out into the world as kind, empathetic and brilliant people. We have a parents evening once a year and each pupil also has an annual review This is a chance for parents, carers, relevant support agencies and staff to review the pupil’s progress  and set pupil targets for the future.

Work Experience 

The Green Room Pupil is encouraged to live in the present and look to the future. We offer three Career Guidance sessions per year where we discuss colleges, courses and careers, raising pupils' awareness of opportunities after The Green Room and enabling us to search for Work Experience placements appropriate to their interests. Good relationships with local colleges and businesses promote further choice and opportunities for post 16 progression.

Exam Results 2021


English - 46% A-C / 5-9


Maths 29% A-C / 5-9


Science 63% A-C / 5-9

Exam Results 2020


English - 55% A-C / 5-9


Maths 45% A-C / 5-9


Science 55% A-C / 5-9

Exam Results 2019


English - 55% A-D 


Maths 33% A-D / 4-9


Science 43% A-D / 4-9

Exam Results 2018


English - 83.3% A-D


Maths 58.3% A-D


Science 77.7% A-D

Exam Results 2017


English - 73.9% A-D


Maths 76.1% A-D


Science 66.6% A-D