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In Memory of David Burch FRCVS

We would like to thank David's friends and family for their kind and generous donations to The Green Room Foundation in his memory.



If you would like to make a donation to The Green Room please click the button below. 

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David was very special to The Green Room. We started in 2012 with nothing and at that time, it was hard to find people who believed in what we were trying to do.

David believed in us from day one.  Ten years on, We now have 3 outstanding schools and a large group of happy students and staff. 

This would have been impossible if David hadn’t helped us at the start of our journey. He gave us his time, his support, his invaluable advice and friendship. 

He delivered this with kindness and compassion. We never felt patronised, never felt like our big ideas were impossible. David was never afraid to speak up for what he believed in and when you were the recipient of this belief it felt amazing. Like he had your back. Thanks to him,  we felt in those early days that anything was possible. We always knew we could call on him if we needed help and we will never forget that. He even came to our first Christmas fair and helped out as Father Christmas. 


David will always be a part of The Green Room family.

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