Recreational Facilities 


The Green Room enjoys a full time membership for all pupils at the Windsor Leisure Centre. Our pupils have full access to the swimming pool, gym, indoor and outdoor sports facilities including football, basketball, tennis and dance studio. The strong link between The Green Room and The Leisure Centre has enabled us to deliver excellent sporting opportunities for all of our pupils. For outdoor games and large group activities we use the local park and frequently make trips to Windsor town centre and The Great Park. We also have our own allotment which the pupils tend to, plus a drama studio with facilities for lighting and sound, and a workshop to learn and practice vocational skills.


The Green Room Kingsley benefits highly from its location on a farm, where we can utilise the access to the animals daily. We have use of a large field, sand school and the local common, where we offer many different activities including team building, strategy games and some more well known sports. We have allotments and are building a therapy pond which the pupils use during lessons and can have access to in their own time. We are also fortunate enough to be able to offer horse riding as part of the children's curriculum. We have also built links with the local community to have access to a gym, golf driving range and swimming pool. We regularly take the opportunity to take the pupils out on trips such as camping, social development activities and reward trips. We are also the hosts of the annual Green Room Festival, where we celebrate the year and bring the pupils from all 3 schools together.

Equipment And Uniform 

Every pupil is provided with the equipment they need to participate in lessons at The Green Room.  Pupils use Chromebooks with access to the full G-Suite for Education.


Physical activity is one of our keys to success at the school; the pupils take part everyday. Pupils need to provide their own PE Kit, but if they are spending time on the school allotment they are provided with boots, gloves and overalls.  Work wear and Personal Protective Equipment are provided for pupils working with the animals or on the land at Kingsley, also for those undertaking work experience at The Swan.


Pupils do not wear a uniform but we do expect them to dress appropriately.