GRK Futures Programme



The Green Room School is committed to providing a structured, pupil-centred Futures Programme which promotes equality of opportunity, inclusion and diversity. Our programme is tailored to the needs of individuals and focussed on unlocking potential, raising aspirations and improving the life chances of all our pupils.


Our Vision And Values

Our ambition is that all of our pupils leave The Green Room equipped to thrive in the next stage of their lives and into the future, with 0% NEET. 


Our Programme

Strong relationships with our pupils underpins our Futures Programme, which seeks to ensure that every pupil has the necessary direction, clarity and support to help them make sound choices about their next steps, career direction and life beyond The Green Room. By understanding each pupil’s strengths, passions and skills, they are provided with a bespoke careers experience as they pass through our school.


Our programme is based around the eight Gatsby Benchmarks for good careers guidance, and reviewed using the Compass evaluation tool. 


Our Curriculum

A careers focus is embedded throughout our curriculum, in both academic and more practical lessons, to improve pupils’ awareness of different careers as well as the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in them. Pupils also have a weekly Futures lessons, which includes learning about different careers, routes into them and labour market information. Careers are also taught through PSHE and the BTEC curriculum with interview skills, CV writing and a mock interview day. 


Pupil Experience

Over the course of each year, our futures programme includes a wide range of activities for all students from years 7 to 11+ that are delivered through: 

  • Assemblies

  • 1:1 coaching, which all pupils benefit from both for pastoral support now and to help them think through future aspirations

  • Employer encounters

  • Workplace experiences

  • Enterprise activities, such as running a stall at a Christmas market


Pupils all have an electronic Futures folder which they are developing to store information relevant to their future aspirations, such as their CV, personal profile, work experience notes, information about careers / colleges, etc.


Broadening Horizons

In the lower school, Years 7 to 9, pupils are helped to gain a broad understanding of the wide range of careers that exist and different entry routes, such as through college or apprenticeships. As their thinking develops, they are supported by their coach, through specific careers focussed lessons and enrichment activities, such as visits and regular visitors to the school. Pupils will also be supported in developing their employability skills, such as teamwork and communication, that are so essential in every workplace.



Once in Years 10 and 11, pupils are supported in thinking more seriously about post-16 transitions into college, apprenticeships or work. All pupils are encouraged and supported to gain work experience with local businesses in areas of potential interest. Bespoke visits are organised by members of staff to take pupils to visit colleges and other training providers, for open days and/or personalised visits. 


Pupils never stop being part of The Green Room family and we work hard to keep in touch with pupils who have graduated. This has led to an ex-pupil carrying out work experience at the school and others offering to come into school to share their experiences of college and work after GRK.


Working With Parents And Carers

We strive to work in close partnership with parents and carers as together we help our pupils make informed choices about their future. We are always open to ideas and suggestions about how we can adapt our careers programme, or provide specific support, to further benefit our pupils.


Working With Employers

Our school has developed good relationships with a number of local businesses, which has culminated in pupils gaining valuable work experience, as well as opening up opportunities for employer visits into school to engage with a larger number of pupils.


As a school, we are always keen to work with other local businesses for mutual benefit. If you are an employer and would like to discuss opportunities for collaboration, please contact our Futures Leader, Rob Mynard, via email: