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 Helping with renovations at The Swan 

 Setting off for the summit of Scafell Pike - Resilience Project  

The Masters Edge

The Edge has been developed by PiXL, working alongside educators and in partnership with business leaders. They have designed the program to ensure young people leave education equipped with the skills that employers really value, and will help them be successful in the workplace. 

These skills are based around Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative, Communication (The LORIC principles).

To achieve a Master-level qualification in The Edge, students need to complete five projects that demonstrate their progress in improving their LORIC qualities. Each project or activity will correspond to a LORIC principle.


Examples of activities could be: planning a large event (dinner, dance, festival etc.) for Organisation, undertaking a big challenge (mountain climb, cycle ride to Paris, skydive etc.) for Resilience, or creating a piece of music, artwork, book or performance for Communication. These objectives are more achievable through our involvement with The Swan, which is a vibrant community hub.

These activities must have a ‘reach’ of 250 people, which could take the form of personal interactions,

Youtube views, etc. The activities must also last for roughly 50 hours in total, including time dedicated

towards planning and preparation. The Masters Edge is an accredited Level 3 Qualification.

The Curriculum

This timetable gives pupils diversity but also consistency and dedicated days to focus on certain skills and disciplines. The longer sessions (up to 1 hour 30 mins) allow for a mindset to be created on each day, allowing for greater productivity and depth to be achieved. This is inline with real life, where most employment doesn't require you to completely change your focus into different areas every hour. The curriculum is broken up into the following key areas:

"I'm a new person, I've met new people, I've made new skills and overall I've found me!" - Pupil

 Ex-Pupils talking to Phil Kennedy on BBC Berkshire's Drivetime show broadcasting live from The Swan

The school Room at The Swan


Employment gives a sense of purpose and self worth within the local community, job sector and modern society. ‘Employability’ at The Green Room offers invaluable guidance and advice which lets our pupils consider the following at the early stages of adulthood:

• Skill development - allowing pupils access to a variety of new experiences.

• Career exploration - introducing pupils to new professional paths, particular roles or sectors,

workplace and office culture.

• Personal growth - Lifelong Learning is key to personal progression and satisfaction.

• Socialising - from professional networking, to making new friends.

• Creating an impact - understanding that work offers a way to have a real and lasting impact on the community.

This is delivered through a program of classroom led activities and regular one-to-one meetings with The Green Room Job Coach

By the end of their journey at The Green Room, pupils are well equipped with industry knowlegde, a CV and covering letter, work experience, interview techniques, how to present themselves and confident to enter the world of work.

Through visits and open days at local colleges, our pupils have the freedom to explore various avenues for life after The Green Room. Working closely with alternate providers we can arrange and develop transitional support into the next stage of our pupils lives.

Life Skills

The Life Skills programme for GR6 focuses on all of the things you wish were taught at schools but unfortunately weren’t. No one can undermine the importance of academic and creative qualifications, but here at The Green Room we aim to ensure our pupils become well rounded individuals, not just qualified ones. Using the 3 C’s created by PiXL (currency, character and culture) we have put together a programme that aims to develop skills in our pupils that range from being able to access the NHS, coping with failure and understanding tax! We follow a Scheme of Work covering various skills, but if a pupil requires a particular topic outside of this, it can be included.

 The 'Assessment Centre' - getting interview ready  

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“Students have the opportunity to take part in work placements, which enriches their sixth-form experience effectively. Students are prepared well for their next stage of education, employment or training.” - Ofsted

Level Best

Level Best is a self improvement system that helps pupils change their own lives for the better. Level Best consists of three levels, each level consisting of three self-imposed challenges that must be achieved before you can progress to the next one. By taking ownership of what holds them back, we work together with the pupils to track their therapeutic progress. Level Best is simple but effective. It is a great mentoring system that motivates pupils to 'level up’. Pupils who reach Level 2 or Level 3 display positive changes in behaviour and attitude and a direct increase in attendance and academic progress. Level Best goes straight to the root of the problem and tackles what matters most. Pupils are assigned a staff mentor who keeps them on track, discussing areas of strength and things to improve on to ensure therapeutic and social progress.

GCSE English Re-sit

Improved competency in English language provides a passport to better opportunities for our young people. At The Green Room we offer the opportunity to revisit GCSE English Language and develop a better quality of written communication, general literacy and comprehension. Regardless of future aspirations literacy is vital to any workplace and increases pupils’ employability.

We provide a dynamic programme of study that incorporates the interests of our learners. We believe in the principles of phenomenon based learning and hope to engage our young people by encouraging their curiosity.


GCSE Maths Re-sit

Mathematics re-sits aims to boost calculation skills and improve problem solving abilities with the aim of achieving a higher grade than has previously been achieved. It teaches clearer logical thinking and sharpens concentration and observance. Our pupils increase their mental visualisation skills, memory and

sharpen their overall mental formation. The effect on reading and writing is also undeniable, and listening skills will improve also. Lessons will be delivered in a typical classroom setting, however the staff to student ratio is higher than would normally be found. A 1:2 staff-to-student ratio is to be expected and generally classes sizes will never exceed 8. Above all else Maths aims to develop confidence and self-esteem with numbers in order to function in the wider world.

“Without your help Green Room, I’d not be the man I’d wanted to be.” - Pupil

"Students’ wider skills, including leadership and organisation, are developed exceptionally well in an accredited course. Students speak highly of the opportunities this course provides to organise and lead events" - Ofsted


The importance of a healthy lifestyle is at the forefront of our ethos with all our pupils. We have a healthy eating policy and encourage all pupils to respect their mind and bodies. Once a week, alongside the lower school and all our staff, GR6 play team sports. It is an entirely egalitarian arena where everyone plays with sportsmanship, respect and most of all enjoyment. Friendly competition encourages maximum effort and

 this is also a great opportunity for our GR6 pupils to be positive role models for our lower school.