GRaduate Scheme 


Pupils who have graduated from our Sixth Form (known as GR6) can progress to The Green Room Graduate Scheme. 


The aim of the scheme is to assist pupils bridge the gap between leaving school and the world of work with a bespoke programme of preparation and experience. The scheme is a Supported Internship with access to all the support needed from the Green Room School, guided by our Job Coach. Both GR6 and Graduate Scheme pupils have access to The Swan.


The Graduate Scheme provides practical experience in the world of work. It builds skills and confidence in the following areas:

  • Ability to successfully use public transport

  • Time Management skills

  • Understanding and application of rules around Appearance and Conduct at work.

  • Communication, Interview and Presentation Skills

  • Empathy and Conflict management

  • Health and Safety at Work including Personal Safety and Protective Equipment

  • Practical application of English, Maths and Science

  • Practical Application of LORIC principles in relation to specific project work (Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative, Communication).

  • Basic Customer Service Skills

  GR6 helping with the clearing of The Swan site  

A Graduate pupil on a work experience shift 

The Swan - Clewer

In order to facilitate this programme in a closely supported environment, The Green Room has invested in The Swan Community Interest Company to purchase The Swan Pub in Clewer.  The Swan offers a unique setting for pupils to continue their education, gain useful skills and become part of their community.

The environment will be safe and nurturing but also provide opportunities for challenge and change. We aim to help pupils become confident, open minded and independent young adults who have grown in maturity through real life experiences.


Once they have made progress to a sufficient level, we will then work with them to help them get a job in a business where they are far more likely to be successful because of the foundation we have been able to give them at The Swan.  Studies and practical experience will take place at The Green Room School and The Swan and other places of work relevant to the individual Graduate.