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The Green Room Foundation runs The Green Room School in Windsor (GRW), The Green Room School in Kingsley (GRK) and The Green Room Sixth Form in Windsor (GR6), for young people who can no longer access mainstream education. Using a combination of therapeutic, academic, creative and physical education, we aim to significantly change the lives of our pupils and their families, to start a path to a better life. 


Pupils are given the opportunity to rise above the negative experiences they’ve endured. We instill a willingness to learn and an opportunity to change. We reignite a passion for learning, raise attendance and academic levels. Most importantly we build in them a confidence to go on and lead brilliant lives and be brilliant people. 


To find out more about what the pupils get up to either at GRW, GRK or GR6 please visit our blogphoto gallery or read our newsletters.

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