Mission, Vision & Values


Mission Statement:

To become the number one independent school in the borough for young people that are no longer succeeding in mainstream education.  To increase the capacity of the Green Room and reproduce the school in multiple locations using our successful, proven ethos and outcomes.


Vision Statement:

We provide an inspirational, alternative learning environment, where every young person has the help they need to achieve success.


Our Six Guiding Values (ethos):


Remember that every person is fighting their own personal battle, be kind to everyone, and in return you will receive kindness



We are open to learning and to be the best that we can; learning isn’t just something that happens in the classroom, we must take in the world around us



We are free to express ourselves in a safe environment, without judgement, we should strive to be the best version of ourselves at all times



In order for us to get on in life, we accept that we need boundaries that are firm, fair and consistent 



We must say thanks and show our gratitude every day to ensure everyone around us feels appreciated and valued.  We know how good we feel when someone says thanks



We encourage change for the better, we do not shy away from difficult circumstances, we are brave, we challenge ourselves everyday, we take the world on, one day at a time.


The Green Room School,

4a Albert Street, Windsor, Berks, SL4 5BU, 

Head Office: 01753 866711

Mobile: 07838 264711




The Green Room School Kingsley
1 Old Park Farm, Forge Road, Kingsley, Bordon GU35 9LU

Office: 01420 487706

Mobile: 07549 078891



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GR6 - Windsor

The Swan, Clewer

9 Mill Lane, Windsor, SL4 5JG

Head Office: 01753 866711

Mobile: 07723 632556



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For Admissions and Recruitment please contact admissions@thegreenroomschool.com or recruitment@thegreenroomschool.com

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