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Film Friday - A Day At The Museum

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Studying ancient civilisations can develop an understanding of the way humans evolve and provide insight and perspective on the past in comparison to the world today. With this in mind, we decided to take last week’s Film Friday back in time to study the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Aztecs. We split The Green Room students into three groups, one for each civilisation and spent the morning making ancient artefacts, for example plates with ancient designs, stained scrolls, a Chinese dragon dance puppet and even a sarcophagus containing a real life mummy! We researched all civilisations and put up posters and facts about each one in different rooms.

In the afternoon, we decided to bring all our props to life, and set up a film set, turning The Green Room in to a museum. We filmed a group of tourists visiting the museum being taken around by a tour guide, and the group later discovered the artefacts came to life, however, all ended well, with the exhibits joining the tourists for a party. This was just a fun way to do something creative with all of the pieces, posters and facts the students had worked so hard to put together. The video will follow shortly but meanwhile, click here to see some photos of the day

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