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Mount Snowdon Expedition

As part of the Physical Challenge element of the Masters Edge, our GR6 pupils organised a trip to climb Mount Snowdon. They have spent the year planning the climb, and have demonstrated all of the LORIC principles: great leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication skills. Our pupils are our ambassadors and we were confident they would represent our school beautifully.

Pupils camped for one night at Camping in Llanberis, a popular campsite at the base of Snowdon. They enjoyed the surrounding area and village and took the chance to relax and prepare themselves for making the climb the next morning. The climbers completed the ascent and descent in just over six hours, reaching the summit at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Reaching the top was an incredible feeling shared by all, making the challenging climb feel well worth the effort, and something they would like to experience again.

The GR6 Expeditionists battled the gruelling heat along with the trials and tribulations The Pyg Track presents to every climber trying to hit the summit. On the way down, the group took The Miners trail which had a challenging first descent. They then took the opportunity to cool off in one of Snowdon's incredible glacial lakes before completing the last part of the walk back to the car park.

Our expedition leader, Deej, said:

"I am incredibly proud of what this group has achieved. I hope they have all taken a huge amount away from the experience and see it as a satisfying way to end the academic year. Our mission statement was to:

Do whatever it takes to hit the summit and experience one of the greatest feelings in the world.

I can confidently say that the group achieved this goal with flying colours and this experience has opened up a huge amount of possibilities for future expeditions. We are all left wondering, what's next?"

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