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Open Letter

Open letter from Joe Sparks, Co-Founder of Everyday Arts and The Green Room Schools.

Dear Staff, Pupils, Parents, Carers & extended members of The Green Room family.

It is with is with sadness but great pride that I write to you all today this open letter.

As of September 2018, I am stepping down as Co-Head of The Green Room School Windsor, GR6 and Executive Head of The Green Room School, Kingsley. I shall remain CEO of Everyday Arts ltd.

Richard Allen (Horse, to most of you) will continue as Head of School GRW and GR6, He will, I know, lead the school with absolute dedication, honesty and the best sense of humour you are ever likely to see in a Headteacher. Nobody is better placed than me to say that the School truly is in the safest of hands. Danielle Haxby will also continue as Head of School GRK, Danielle has had an amazing start with us and I look forward to working with her as she enters her first full academic year. GRK is a great school and its down to Danielle and her fantastic team. Lastly, I’m delighted to announce that Callum Flanagan will become Deputy Head of School GRW & GR6. Callum has worked at The Green Room since day one and has been an integral part of our journey so far. Richard, Danielle and Callum all have the cool heads and the kind hearts that you need to do this job and lead this dedicated team of staff that it has been my honour to work with these past 8 years.

To The Green Room pupils, past and present. Grab every moment, take every opportunity and never give up. Talk about stuff, Say hello to people, smile more, shake hands, tell the truth and thank Charlie when she cooks you food. Be the best version of yourselves as much as you can. You’ll be seeing me for your Level Best and whatever else you need. I believe in each and every one of you. Be good ones. Be brave, be funny, be kind.

It has been my pleasure and privilege to do this job, I’ve given it everything I have. It’s time for me step aside and to concentrate on other aspects of our company so that we can continue to change lives for the better, because that, after all is why we do what we do.

Thank you,

Joe Sparks

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