Trips and Rewards

We like to offer as many enriching trips as possible to the pupils at GRK. These range from educational visits to Science and Art museums as well as end of term trips to build relationships amongst staff and pupils. We do an annual Christmas Trip and school sleepover as well as an end of year two night camping trip. We also have an annual festival onsite 'Green Room Fest' where we camp for two nights, host a Year 11 Prom and festival activities. This event is shared with all at GRW and GR6.

School Trips

Some examples of our previous school trips

Reward Trips

We have our own in house rewards system where pupils are awarded behaviour points for positive behaviours such as resilliance, kindness and active engagement. These run along side negative behaviour points when pupils show the oposite. From this there is a Pupil of the Week (based on the most positives and least negatives) where they win a G-Buck'. We also do a work of the week to celebrate an outstanding piece of work within lessons and they also win a 'G-Buck'. Finally we send regular post cards home to celebrate all pupils sucessess and these pupils are in the running to also win 'G-Bucks'. Once a pupil has won 5 of 'G-Bucks' they can redeem a reward of thier choice. Some of these trips have included cinema trips, iFly, the zoo and much more. This bespoke reward system really engages pupils allowing them to feel personally rewarded for positive choices and effort.