The Green Room Foundation


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to The Green Room, here you can become part of a very special family. 

Your academic and therapeutic journey starts here. Whatever challenges you have faced, this is your opportunity to change. 


Our team look forward to providing the necessary tools to reignite your passion for learning and the self awareness and belief to succeed. From the moment you walk through the door on day one you will be made to feel welcome and supported. In return we ask that you enjoy this opportunity and wherever possible be the best version of yourself. It is vital that you want to be here. 


Throughout life we all make mistakes but we don’t always take the opportunity to learn from them. Green Room pupils are expected to learn these life lessons every single day they are here. To challenge negative habits and replace lazy excuses with a greater sense of self worth. 


Alongside academic attainment, The Green Room aims to have a positive impact on social behaviour, moral judgment and mental health. Our therapeutic and sporting curriculum together with our exciting and dynamic learning environment will ensure that this really is the beginning of something special. 


The Green Room was created from nothing. Every single pupil has left their mark on what we do and how we do it. This means that they are not only helping themselves but helping to shape the lives of all future Green Room pupils. 


Joe Sparks (Co-CEO) and Richard Allen - (Co-CEO and Head of School)

To request more information:

Contact the office

Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm

01753 866711

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Head of School - Richard Allen

The Green Room School,

4a Albert Street, Windsor, Berks, SL4 5BU, 

Head Office: 01753 866711

Mobile: 07838 264711


Head of School - Danielle Haxby

The Green Room School Kingsley
1 Old Park Farm, Forge Road, Kingsley, Bordon GU35 9LU

Office: 01420 487706

Mobile: 07549 078891

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GR6 - Windsor and Graduate Scheme

Head of School - Richard Allen

The Swan, Clewer

9 Mill Lane, Windsor, SL4 5JG

Head Office: 01753 866711

Mobile: 07723 632556

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For Admissions and Recruitment please contact or