Testimonials from Parents and Past Pupils

In just this very short time, she has settled so quickly and easily. She has not had one morning that she has even mentioned or shown any sign of not wanting to attend. When she returns home after school she tells me what she has been doing and what she is looking forward to doing the next day (this is an absolute first)


I would like to say, without your support and help I wouldn’t of got anywhere or even GCSEs but I did because of you guys at The Green Room. You made me be proud of myself and my achievements. I changed so much in a good way, because of the Green Room, I see things in a better light now and I now know not to judge people if they’re different to me. 


He used to be a self harmer, and purposely got himself run over and was sectioned, now he attends school everyday, unless he has a blip (which is very rare now) and The Green Room handles these fantastically. He has ambition in life, he is doing really well. I have a really positive relationship with the staff and so does he, compared to a year and a half ago, he is a different child. I am so pleased and would recommend to anyone.


A huge thank you to the most inspirational wonderful team of people that he was fortunate enough to have spent time with. You’ve made a huge difference to our lives. Stay as wonderful as you are.


I believe Joe and his colleagues have got such a wonderful insight and vision, they seem to  understand and know exactly what our special children need in education, and I’m sure that without The Green Room, many children would flounder.


"The Green Room is a kind environment because everyone here is the same and there is no need to feel upset. They understand my needs and help me with my dyslexia.


I used to feel alone, scared and angry when I was at my other school, but The Green Room has been very inspirational as it has helped get rid of all the anger and anxiety. The Green Room has made me a better person and people around me have noticed it. I can concentrate in lessons as it is a smaller classs and I can get the help I need.

Ex- Pupil

The Green Room has been instrumental in helping my daughter regain her self esteem and develop a new found confidence and sense of purpose. Under the guidance and care of the staff she has been able to form trusting relationships, develop the courage to try new activities and make progress academically. It is incredible to watch her enjoyment for life grow and I'm very thankful to the team as a whole for their commitment and support.