The Green Room Foundation runs schools in Windsor, Berkshire (GRW) and Kingsley, Hampshire (GRK) for young people who can no longer access mainstream education. Using a combination of therapeutic, academic, creative and physical education, we aim to significantly change the lives of our pupils and their families, to start a path to a better life. 


Pupils are given the opportunity to rise above the negative experiences they’ve endured. We instill a willingness to learn and an opportunity to change. We reignite a passion for learning, raise attendance and academic levels. Most importantly we build in them a confidence to go on and lead brilliant lives and be brilliant people. 



We also run a 6th Form that is designed to help pupils continue on their path to adulthood. Many of the pupils have already attended The Green Room School, and this extra time helps to prepare them for post 16 education or work. We use the Masters Edge as a framework to develop the skills of Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication, areas identified as key principles in the makeup of a fully functioning working adult.

Graduate Scheme

Pupils who have graduated from GR6 can progress to The Graduate Scheme. The aim of the scheme is to assist pupils bridge the gap between leaving school and the world of work with a bespoke programme of preparation and experience. Both GR6 and Graduate Scheme pupils are based at The Swan Pub in Windsor.  The Swan provides a unique setting for pupils to continue their education, gain useful skills and become part of their community. The environment will be safe and nurturing but also provide opportunities for challenge and change.


To find out more about what the pupils get up to either at GRW, GRK or GR6 please visit our blogphoto gallery or read our newsletters.

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Head of School - Richard Allen

The Green Room School

4A Albert Street

Windsor, Berks, SL4 5BU


Tel :01753 866711

Mobile: 07983 577179


Executive Head of School - Joe Sparks

Head of School - Danielle Haxby

The Green Room School Kingsley
1 Old Park Farm, Forge Road,  Kingsley, Bordon, GU35 9LU


Tel :01420 487706

GR6 and Graduate Scheme

Head of School - Richard Allen

GR6 and Graduate Scheme

The Swan Pub, Clewer, 

9 Mill Lane, Windsor, SL4 5JG


Tel : 01753 866711

Mobile: 07838 264711

 “I have watched Joe’s passion and dedication to this wonderful cause grow over the years, and I’ve seen him work true magic in getting these young people to where they should be. I am very proud to be involved in The Green Room. I wish him and everyone at The Green Room success

-Derren Brown – Patron

“The Green Room is a special place.  It’s a school, obviously, but it feels like family.  I don’t think there’s any other place like the Green Room on this earth" 



“The Green Room is a kind environment because everyone here is the same and there is no need to feel upset.  They understand my needs and help me with my dyslexia.