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We are GR.


We are kind, we are curious and we are willing to change ourselves to make this better.


We are alternative. 


We are high support, high challenge. 


We are audacious.


We are unmissable. 


We are safe and brave. 


We started with one room with three kids. Our staff built our schools. Our staff help our schools evolve in an ever changing educational landscape. Our leadership strategy is born from the floor, harnessing what works, challenging what doesn’t. We are a school on a street, a school on a farm and school in a pub. 


We are a workplace to thrive in. We want to be here. We want to make a difference to ourselves and others. We strive to be somewhere people want to work. We are for people who are looking for something different.


We are not afraid to look up and out for new ideas. We don’t follow the crowd, we start a path. We try, we fail, we listen, we talk, we change.


To Our Pupils and Students…

We believe your education should be unmissable. We pursue audacious ideas. We define you by what might be possible. We choose to be hopeful. We provide high support and high challenge. We aim to inspire kindness, curiosity and change. We want you to be here. Whatever is holding you back, whatever you're feeling… Feel it here.

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