What is GRK?

The Green Room School, Kingsley (GRK) is an independent day school for boys/girls aged 11-18. We are situated on Old Park Farm near the village of Kingsley in Hampshire. Our bungalow school house is complimented by a new modular school building including a Science Lab, an arctic cabin, sport/trade skills barn, an allotment and polytunnel and lots and lots of animals. It is also adjacent to Kingsley Common and backed by a light industrial estate that can offer work experience opportunities. GRK is an outstanding school that uses its surroundings and staff to great effect. ‘In time, and with great care and support, pupils become brave and resilient learners’. (Ofsted, 2018)           


Who is it for?

The Green Room caters for pupils with EHCPs, which we use as a springboard to explore the right techniques, qualifications and therapy for that pupil. This is completely individual and we are open to explore whatever option best suits them, whether this be for specific learning difficulties or emotional and behavioural support. If we cannot meet these needs within The Green Room, we actively seek out the professional help required to meet their needs. We work alongside the family, professionals and agencies that may be associated with the pupils. If a pupil is currently in a situation that is not working, getting worse and out of options, and they want to change that, then the Green Room can help.



Having seen 2 cohorts through year 11 we are able to celebrate the successes of those that leave our GRK Family. We have pupils that are in local colleges including Merrist Wood, Aldershot College as well as GR6. We keep in contact with those that move on from us as they become part of our GRK history. 


Safeguarding at GRK is our main priority. We work closely together in briefing and debrief to pass on necessary information and keep all pupils safe. All staff have up to date safeguarding training. The DSL is Danielle and Deputy DSL Becky and Rob. Please see our policy for further details.