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Some experiences we want you to have


Rock the boat

We're current record holders for the greatest number of people on a giant paddleboard!


Scale new heights

We're always looking for the next challenge. The more off the wall the better.


Be the boss

We run a pub every Thursday. Bags of skills and barrels of laughs.


Dress to impress

We're not uniform, why should our clothes be? Wear that costume whenever you like.


Scare yourself

They say if you're not scared at some point, you are probably not doing it right. We're not sure but always willing to try to find out.


Go behind the scenes

This is especially achievable if you're the one who's building the scenery!


Set some squad goals

You'll be part of a team from the off. Decide what you want to do. (Looking cool while walking should be a given)


Start a revolution

Or, re-enact some old ones


Have it your way

Toast your marshmallow exactly how you want it.


Invent a game show

Want to play to your own rules? Then all you have to do is invent the game!


Reap what you sow

Sell your harvest from our Market Garden


Set out your stall

Sell your fresh produce to the community and help others less fortunate.

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Reach a summit

GRExpeditions run each year. For the previous 2 years, we have reached the summit of the legendary Mount Snowdon.


Give your time

Volunteering for charity of community projects is an invigorating and life affirming experience. Give it a try.

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We will always stop whatever we are doing and have a dance. All it takes is for a tune to come on and we're off.


Navigate a windswept fell

Another GRExpedition saw a small team complete a multi-day hike in the beautiful Lake District


Relive history

We'll always encourage you to share your passion with others, such as giving history lectures at our annual Christmas event.


Tell a fortune

Your passion can be as strange and wonderful as tarot reading. If you want to share it, go ahead!


Invent a sport

We're always looking to play. Ironically, the more rules are added, the more we enjoy it!


Start a business

Whether it's selling hot dogs or fixing bikes, we're here to help your start ups.


Transform a community

Our home is The Swan, and we're integral to its ongoing success.


Take the plunge

When summer rolls around, we're always looking for an excuse to cool down.


Tidy up

We clear up after ourselves, and sometimes others too.


Rise from the grave

Unleash your inner zombie, or bond villain, or Dickensian street urchin. We love to perform.


Get back to nature

Well, almost. We're part of a project to create a new nature reserve, right on our doorstep!


Watch the world burn

We're not traditional, but we do like a tradition, especially bonfire night

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 12.24.52.png

Be the star of the show

We love a bit of showbiz here. Why not give it a go?

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