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GRW Therapy

Therapy is accepted as part of the process of education at The Green Room and we try to dispel any stigmas attached to it. Everyone needs therapy in one sense or another, whether this is through talking, playing sport, being creative or otherwise. Having the opportunity to achieve perspective and balance in life is vital to unleash the potential of The Green Room pupil. At The Green Room we have a team of therapists who hold one to one sessions with our pupils. Each pupil is assessed and an agreed focus for work is undertaken. This involves consultation with key family members and family interventions if required. Sessions are psychotherapeutic in nature and here, unhelpful behaviour patterns, family dynamics, difficult past experiences and an awareness of emotions can be explored in a safe and contained medium through creativity. Sessions can also encompass solution focused work or basic emotional literacy depending on the level of need for each individual pupil.

Read our Therapeutic Plan here.

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