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The Lessons

Our school-directed courses extend beyond the traditional…

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Project Based Learning (PBL)

Students take on a variety of projects that introduce them to different topics.



Pupils choose from a range of lessons that provide an opportunity to study topics that sit outside the traditional.

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Change / Preparing for Adulthood

Students focus on emotional, mental, physical and economic well being.


Practical Skills

Students learn and improve practical skills that might be of use around the house or in any potential future job that require trade skills.


Personal Development

Students freely explore anything they want. They can study small online qualifications, participate in fitness sessions or improve their skills in a specific area.



Students explore artistic and entrepreneurial pursuits, either individually or in a group.  We have the opportunity to sell on an online platform, in the school shop and in the local community with community partners.

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GR Think

Students develop critical thinking and literacy through the exploration of a range of topics and complete related projects.


Question Time

 Pupils improve their ability to access knowledge and fascinations that they wish to improve upon. Students spend time asking questions they've always wanted to


Market Garden

Students engage with nature. We grow food for the school kitchen and markets held at The Swan.


Swan Elders

Each week a member of The Swan community will speak to students about their career, life or a specific passion.


GCSE Extension

Students who are taking GCSEs will be offered a bonus hour of personal study towards improving their GCSE knowledge. This time will be used to practise GCSE exam questions/ papers, working independently.



For students who want to improve their GCSE English grade or just want to improve their literacy skills. 

Math Formulas and a Calculator


 For students who either want to improve their GCSE Maths grade or  just want to improve their general Maths skills. 

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Therapy is accepted as part of education at GRC. Having the opportunity to achieve perspective and balance in life is vital. Students are offered weekly one to one sessions. All are assessed and this can involve consultation with key family members and family interventions if required. Sessions are psychotherapeutic in nature and here, unhelpful behaviour patterns, family dynamics, difficult past experiences and an awareness of emotions can be explored safely.

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