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Trips and Rewards

We like to offer as many enriching trips as possible to provide our pupils with a wide range of experiences and also to promote positive behaviour and kindness throughout the year.  At the end of the Autumn term we try to include a festive and wintery trip which has included Winter Wonderland, West End theatre, and ice skating.  We enjoy an annual camping trip, to make the most of summer term, and throughout the year we offer reward trips and days out, often making the most of everything Windsor has to offer. We end the year with our biggest event, our annual festival known as 'Green Room Fest' where we camp for two nights at GRK, host a Year 11 Prom and festival activities. This event involves all pupils in all three schools. 

School Trips

Some examples of our previous school trips

Reward Trips

We have our own individual rewards system where pupils who have excelled in academic work, embodied the school values and been exemplary Green Room role models over a few weeks are selected to go on a Reward Trip. These are day trips within school time and have included the cinema, Go-Ape,  Segway, Jump Giants, an Escape Room and Go-Karting. Reward Trips encourage pupils to always consider our values, Kindness, Curiosity and Change in their daily life and to work towards achieving a well rounded education. 

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