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Academic Progress

At The Green Room, our pupils are focused on creating a positive path ahead, rewriting any previous negative school experiences they may have had. Our staff guide pupils to rediscover what makes them curious, hungry to learn and improve their skills, providing them with the support and help they need to maximise their learning experience. 

We understand that fear is often the root cause of many difficulties faced by our pupils, so our main priority is to create a place of safety. We celebrate bravery and kindness and encourage our pupils to become role models for others. 

Our classes are small, allowing us to give pupils the support they need, whilst closely monitoring their progress and delivering feedback and motivation. We challenge our pupils appropriately, and actively boost their confidence to better equip them to succeed, both in the classroom and out of it.


Alongside the teacher is a Learning Support Assistant so all pupils have someone always available to help them. 

Pupils use Chromebooks with access to the full G-Suite for Education, or iPads loaded with educational apps. These resources can aid creativity, special educational needs and become a platform for research, evaluation and reflection on their learning journey.

Outside the classroom we have one-to-one sessions in core literacy and numeracy skills, creative therapy, speech and language therapy, counselling and careers advice. 

96% of past Green Room pupils have progressed successfully into further education or employment. We still keep in touch with and where necessary, support many of them.

We are a small school that is not afraid to try new ideas and ways of learning, we are able to adapt to each individual’s needs and help them start a path.

"Students benefit from outstanding teaching, learning and assessment, enabling them to express themselves, challenge their own beliefs and think deeply. Consequently, students make excellent progress, including in academic qualifications "- Ofsted

The Green Room prides itself on its weekly progress report. We monitor and record attendance, engagement, academic achievement, attitude to learning, therapeutic progress, health, exercise, sleep, self awareness and social behaviour of every single pupil. Our aim is to provide a safe, consistent environment for our pupils, to make short term changes and enable them to go out into the world as kind, empathetic and brilliant people. We have a parents evening once a year and each pupil also has an annual review This is a chance for parents, carers, relevant support agencies and staff to review the pupil’s progress  and set pupil targets for the future.

Pupil Progress

Screenshot 2021-11-22 at 17.19.28.png

"Thanks to you all for a really great parents evening last night. It is crystal clear that you know these young people's needs extremely well and are 200% committed as a team in wanting the very best and more from them and also for them."  - Parent


Work Experience

The Green Room Pupil is encouraged to live in the present and look to the future. We offer three Career Guidance sessions per year where we discuss colleges, courses and careers, raising pupils' awareness of opportunities after The Green Room and enabling us to search for Work Experience placements appropriate to their interests. Good relationships with local colleges and businesses promote further choice and opportunities for post 16 progression.

Pupils’ progress in developing personal strategies to support their additional needs is impressive. Many pupils make exceptional progress from their low starting points at this school, due to the excellent quality of provision available to them. - Ofsted 

Exam Results 2021


English - 46% A-C / 5-9


Maths 29% A-C / 5-9


Science 63% A-C / 5-9

Exam Results 2020


English - 55% A-C / 5-9


Maths 45% A-C / 5-9


Science 55% A-C / 5-9

Exam Results 2019


English - 55% A-D 


Maths 33% A-D / 4-9


Science 43% A-D / 4-9

Exam Results 2018


English - 83.3% A-D


Maths 58.3% A-D


Science 77.7% A-D

Exam Results 2017


English - 73.9% A-D


Maths 76.1% A-D


Science 66.6% A-D

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