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The ROCCIT Programme



It is our aim to help all our learners become ready for the next stage of their path, be this employment or further education. To help them do this, we have developed the ROCCIT framework, which emphasises the importance of Resilience, Organisation, Communication, Community, Initiative and Teamwork. 

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Over the course of the year at GRC we will explore the ROCCIT Competencies in depth, helping learners understand why they are so important to leading successful and productive lives. 

When students, through project work or any other aspect of their time in GRC, demonstrate competency in any part of ROCCIT,  staff will award citations which detail the work done and how it demonstrated the ROCCIT competency. These citations will be added to the student's portfolio.  This combination of evidence and testimonial will be something the learner can take pride in showing others. 
Learners will leave GRC with a Personal Online Profile, a portfolio of experiences and achievements that will reflect a period of accelerated personal growth. This portfolio will be available for learners to present and continue building, forever.



Experiences and projects will form the bulk of the ROCCIT program. It's about learning through doing, reflecting on new experiences, forming new ideas and putting them into practice.



Your time in GRC will include spending a lot of time in nature, growing healthy food and engaging in mindful exercise. This will be at our nearby Market Garden, where you will be given ample opportunity to develop ROCCIT values.



We love to go on trips that test our physical and mental resilience. When the weather is favourable (and sometimes when it's not), we'll be out in the wilds, building resilience, strength and fitness.

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We believe it is our duty to help you find and pursue your passions, delve deeper and spend time with the things you love. Be prepared to do much more of what it is that makes you tick,

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