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The Swan

A unique 18th Century pub in clewer, owned by the local community and the home of GRC - our GR6 and Wings Programme

In order to facilitate this programme and provide real-life experience in a closely supported environment The Green Room Foundation has invested in The Swan Community Interest Company in order to offer young people the chance to gain practical experience in a real place of employment that is open to the public.

Having access to a community run and supported business allows us to give young people the time and attention they need to learn the skills they require.

Once they have made progress to a sufficient level, we will then work with them to help them get a job in a business where they are far more likely to be successful because of the foundation we have been able to give them at The Swan.

Therefore practical experience will take place at The Swan CIC in Windsor and other places of work or volunteering relevant to the individual young person.


In order to offer young people the maximum chance of success in their adult employment, we are able to offer a unique combination of:


  1. Real life Supported Work Experience at The Swan Pub, Clewer.

  2. Real life Supported Volunteering experience with other local charities

  3. Bespoke Support Sessions including Life Skills, CV Development, etc. 

  4. Training, where appropriate to the role (eg Food Safety Training, Till Training)

  5. Weekly Job Coaching in school, at The Swan and at future employers.

  6. Employer Liaison: sessions between the young person, the coach and the employer.

  7. Mentoring support during the programme.

  8. Pastoral support during and after the programme

  9. Job seeking support during and after the programme

  10. Potential for employment and regular work opportunities with GRProjects such as GRSchool Dinners and GRMarket Garden to build employment portfolio and expand CV.

  11. Facilitation of further opportunities to work at The Swan during evenings and on weekends, including assisting with community and social events throughout The Swan calendar.

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