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The Wings Programme

A careers and enterprise program for young people looking for work experience in a supported  environment.

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What is The Wings Programme

Some young people who have completed their education require assistance to be able to take on a job and work independently. The Green Room Foundation’s Wings Programme, based at our site at The Swan in Clewer, has been set up to facilitate this.

The aim of The Wings Programme is to assist young people bridge the gap between leaving education and successfully joining the world of work with a bespoke programme of preparation and experience which aims to:


  • Provide practical experience of the skills required for the job of choice


  • Build confidence in the wide variety of employability and life skills needed to successfully get and retain a job, including:


- Ability to successfully use public transport

- Time Management skills

- Understanding and application of rules around Appearance and Conduct at work.

- Communication, Interview and Presentation Skills

- Empathy and Conflict management

- Health and Safety at Work including Personal Safety and Protective Equipment

- Customer Service Skills

Who is it for?

Young people over the age of 16 who are looking to go on to the world of work.

Those who want to 

  • Gain skills valued by employers

  • Experience the world of  work

  • Build working stamina


What does the programme include?

  • Supported attendance at work/volunteering opportunities

  • Support sessions (eg life skills)

  • Training (eg till training, food safety)

  • Mentoring sessions with personal mentor/coach

  • Employer Liaison: sessions between young person, coach and employer

  • CV development

  • Job Seeking Support during and after programme

  • Pastoral Support during and after programme

  • Online feedback of progress and attendance at Annual Reviews

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