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The Green Room Election Campaign

We have introduced ‘Film Fridays’ here at The Green Room, which means all the students take part in creating a short film from start to finish, including writing, directing, acting and making props. Our first film was the News program, which was a great success, so at the end of last term we challenged the students with creating their own election campaign, and filming a behind the scenes mockumentary of the process. The idea was to teach them about politics, voting and democracy.

We had two different campaigns – one favourite and one underdog and cast students in various roles, i.e. campaign manager, candidate, security and voters. Another group created the props, including banners, posters and badges. The candidates both invented smear campaigns against each other and the favourite stole the underdog’s wife and fixed the vote in his favour!

We concluded the day with both parties delivering a speech and outlining their policies, sparking a presidential debate.

In the end the underdog one with a majority vote – just as he should!

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