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Film Friday - The Revolution

For those of you who don’t already know, the concept of The Green Room began because Joe, our MD, had been working in education for several years, and so often saw the flaws in it, and the students who fell through the gaps and didn’t fit into the system.

He wanted to change this, he wanted to start a revolution in education and help those who couldn’t, through no fault of their own, survive in mainstream schools, and so The Green Room was created.

Taking inspiration from this, we staged a real revolution here, with Joe in charge as an evil dictator who ruled over The Green Room, keeping the students as slaves, working on a chain gang. The students revolted, started a battle, fought with the guards, and overthrew the Dictator. This was the first time we tried a different format and had people in different departments, (eg. sound & makeup) and ran it like a professional film set. Everyone had a great time and threw themselves into their roles, whilst learning about revolution, dictatorship and democracy.


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