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European Language Day

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Last week’s Discovery Friday was inspired by European Day of Languages, a day to celebrate the rich diversity of language by showing people across Europe how important languages are, and what fun can be had learning them.

At The Green Room, we set up different activities to encourage the pupils to embrace this. We created art work inspired by Matisse, using scissors instead of pens, first on paper then on T shirts, which had some interesting effects. We went into Windsor town centre dressed as tourists, and took as many photo opportunities as we could with local tourist hot spots. Back at The Green Room we created our very own Cafe Europa in the diner, with our cafe owner Deej dressing as a different nationality, French, German, Italian and Greek and serving the food accordingly, providing we could order correctly in the appropriate language! We also had private study going on, and when a task or activity was complete we gave the pupils a paper Euro to spend as they wished in the cafe, as the menu changed every hour.

Click on the “view story’ to see a selection of photos and clips from the day and here to see more photos of the day

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