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Our SAP Experience

As part of the ongoing partnership with SAP we were lucky enough to all go as a school to the SAP experience in Feltham. This was an opportunity to see the work and vision of one of the biggest software companies in the world. The experience gave us an interactive insight into SAP Sport, where all the pupils got the chance to race a Formula One simulator car, with full Formula one suits the pupils raced, smashed and banged their way around a formula one circuit at 250 mph.

We also experienced what SAP are doing around the globe to help with growing communities and natural disasters as we experienced the effects of a typhoon. The final experience gave us an insight to the technologies the world's security systems use. We felt like we were inside Sherlock Holmes 'mind palace' as we solved the mystery of an Art thief in London.

We were also given a tour of the offices which was interesting as it challenged perceptions of what an office environment in 2015 is actually like. Gone are the days of individual cubicles sat staring at a screen. Most of the work seemed to take place in the cafe, or comfy seating areas on mobile devices and tablets. The emphasis is on communication and collaboration, working with people and being creative to solve problems. The day ended with a delicious buffet lunch in the staff restaurant. We were sent home with a free pen, notebook, lanyard and full bellies, excited about the prospect of further work with this innovative company. View a photo gallery of the day here

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