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Arts Award Film Day

Just before half term, we had a fantastic day filming a short promotional film about The Green Room for the Arts Award Leadership project, where pupils developed their leadership skills by planning the film locations, directing the various film clips and organising the wrap party at the end. There were 3 film locations, each with different scenes going on.

Katy, Leon and Luke ran the filming at the park and allotment location and shot scenes called ‘hole in the ground’, and ‘wheelbarrow skate park’!

Louise, Emma and Skye ran the shoot at Clewer pond with a scene called ‘The Boat’ and also ran another scene called ‘Water From Window’ at The Green Room, pouring water out of a window over people holding umbrellas and wearing snorkels!

Jamie and Hoppo ran two scenes at The Green Room called ‘Clown Car’ and whack a mole (human), where they made a giant whack a mole game using themselves to pop up from a hole in a box to see if someone else could whack them on the head with a blow up hammer!

The clown car scene was a classic comic scene with loads of people getting out of the minibus.

These scenes are all being put together and made into a film in the style of The Monkees and will be called Hey Hey We’re The Green Room! Here are some photos of the day, click here to see the full gallery and the film will follow soon.

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