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Brain Gym

The summer term begins today so to welcome our pupils back we have a Brain Gym lined up for them, which is a series of activities proven to improve the health of the brain. This is part of our Edge program and it means our apprentices will gain an activity towards this. Rooms in the school have been set up with the following various activities;

Memory Zone - spot the difference on an entire room scale

Puzzletopia - a room of puzzles, mazes and thinking outside the box

Riddleman's Lair - riddles and maths related problems to solve

Code Breaker's Bunker - a room of breaking codes and cryptic messages

Athletic Zone - an area made to make the brain work out!

Pupils have 8 activities to complete and will get a stamp on their brain card once they have finished each one. It looks like a fun day ahead, the pupil's first problem is how to actually get into the school! Here are a few photos to start with .....

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