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Thorpe Park

On Friday 19th May, The Green Room school set off on a trip to Thorpe Park Resort in Chertsey to undergo an educational workshop, themed all around rollercoasters! We started our day with the maths and science workshop, which saw the pupils discussing the most popular rides at the park. This included a discussion focused on Stealth, the parks fastest and tallest rollercoaster, reaching 80mph in 1.9 seconds! Our workshop leader then took us out to see Detonator and the pupils put their maths skills to use to figure out the speed of the ride. After this, it was time for some fun! Our pupils deserved a little break from all of the hard work they have been putting in at The Green Room and riding rollercoasters seemed like the perfect solution. Our pupils spent the rest of the afternoon conquering fears, seeking an adrenaline rush and having an awesome time. Thorpe Park - we’ll be seeing you again soon!

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