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Masters Edge Program

Our 6th Formers have made a great start this term to their Masters Edge Program which focusses on the LORIC principles of Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative, and Communication, and have come up with some very inventive ideas for their projects designed to have an impact on the wider community. For example one of our pupils has started a litter picking campaign with the aim of picking up 1 tonne of litter from Windsor, and has collected nearly 20kg already! You can follow him on instagram jambo_the_litter_picker to see how he's doing. Another group of pupils have decided to take on the physical challenge of cycling to Paris, and a few others are doing the Three Peaks Challenge.

Other projects being worked on are a YouTube cookery channel, a monthly delivery box, a new app and a business giving lessons to people who want to learn how to do BMX tricks. We wish all our pupils the best of luck and look forward to seeing how they get on!

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