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LANTRA Tractor Driving

The LANTRA Tractor Driving course is now offered to our Green Room Kingsley pupils.

Training content covers health and safety for manoeuvring a tractor and it’s mounted implements including power take-off shafts and how to fit equipment.

It will provide practical guidance in the relevant legislation, areas of responsibility and methods of safe tractor operation.

We have onsite currently Ally’s front end loader which can only be operated by those over 16. The introductory course caters for 13-16 year olds basic tractor manoeuvring and some trailers. 16 years and above can advance with loadability, power take-off and other fixtures.

Successful pupils post LANTRA tractor course may be given the opportunity for some part time work on the farm doing various tractor tasks.

“You’ve got to know your tractor you’ve got to know your ground!” ~Mark Daly.

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