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Harry Potter World

To end the term, all of GRK were treated to the magical experience that is the Harry Potter Studios tour, followed by a Nandosand sleepover back at GRK. It was an incredible experience however, as some of our pupils hadn’t seen or read Harry Potter, we spent the day before with some themed activities at school and watched the films to get everyone up to speed with the wizarding world of Hogwarts! All staff and pupils were sorted into Hogwarts Houses by the sorting hat which proved very popular with everyone. There were Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and we even had a few Slytherins! We stayed within our Houses for activities such as wand-making, experimenting with different potions and drawing our own Patronus’. The pupils loved the Harry Potter Studios, and all commented on how much fun they had. Seeing their faces light up all day was a joy! Afterwards pupils enjoyed a Nandos feast and for our final adventure we went back to GRK for a big sleepover!! Blow up beds and sleeping bags galore. Once we were all changed into our cozy pyjamas we set up a few card games, a Harry Potter movie in one classroom and a Christmas movie in another classroom, with another little food feast. Everyone was in high spirits and thoroughly enjoyed themselves - all in all, a

very successful two days of Harry Potter fun.


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