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Inca Trail Virtual Marathon 2020

GRK have achieved a FULL MARATHON collectively between them all over the past week or two whilst taking part in the Inca Trail Virtual Marathon 2020 and the NHS ‘Do What You Can Challenge’ 2020, winning 2 separate medals for this amazing achievement. The Inca Trail Virtual Marathon takes you 26.2 miles along the Inca Trail in Peru and right through Machu Picchu, one of the new seven wonders of the world and each time you complete any distance based exercise activity such as running, walking, cycling, swimming etc you advance along the Inca Trail. This is the perfect tool for everyone to maintain focus and motivation. And what’s even better is you can complete the challenge from anywhere in the world, virtually. The same goes for the NHS challenge, you can complete it anywhere and at anytime - virtually. And that’s exactly what we did!  A target was set for every pupil and staff member to walk, run, swim or cycle a minimum of 1 mile each so that we could all collectively run a marathon distance together (26.2 miles).

This is because the wonderful Danielle was supposed to be running the London Marathon back in April but due to current lockdown procedures, the marathon was postponed. But as giving up was not an option for us, the pupils and staff eagerly downloaded the phone app 'Strava' (which keeps track of the distance you walk/run/swim/cycle) and got outside to exercise and take part. Not only did achieving this target make everyone feel on top of the world, but it also benefited us all in many other ways, the fresh air, the sunlight and the exercise will have done us all wonders during this difficult time. A HUGE well done to everyone who got involved, your well-deserved medals are on their way to you! 


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