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New Additions

This term we have welcomed a beautiful new horse onto the GRK farm called Lucy. She is 4 years old and tiny! A little smaller than our donkeys! The pupils are besotted with her and have all made her feel very welcome and safe. Lucy shares a large field with our donkeys, goats, pigs, sheep and geese and they, too, have welcomed and accepted her into the family. We are aiming and hoping for Lucy to become a therapy horse and have hopes to train her so that she can actually come into the school. 

And speaking of welcoming new animals, we've also just got 2 new gorgeous fire salamanders over in the lab which will come in super handy in our science and animal lessons with Gareth. The pupils are so excited about this and love them already. We are currently in the process of finding a name for each salamander (a boy and a girl) some of the names we have come up with so far are: Romeo & Juliet, Danny & Sandy and Adam & Eve (and many more!) It's going to be a tough decision.


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