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Science Week

Green Room Windsor pupils kicked off British Science Week by building working waterwheels, in a special practical session of Engineering on Friday. GR Engineering has been run virtually this term, so all pupils were given a take-home kit of materials, and after learning about the history and engineering of waterwheels, they were tasked with building their own prototypes for testing over the kitchen sink! We had great success and saw some really well constructed wheels which behaved very well under flow, despite the soggy cardboard. The lesson was part of GR Engineering’s ‘Energyeering’ module, which looks at the ingenious engineering which goes into how humans have learned to store, transfer and transform energy. British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths taking place from 5-14 March, with a focus on how the next generation of scientists and engineers ate going to innovate for our future. Green Room Windsor are taking part by running a series of special experiments and cross-curricular events, looking at how our energy and food will be provided in the years to come. #BSW21 #startapath #GREngineering


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