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Turning the shed into a Science Lab

Last term we asked some of our pupils whether they thought it was possible to turn our storage shed into a science lab and whether they would like science to be taught at The Green Room, (click here to see their thoughts on the matter!) Well, thanks to very generous donations from SAP and Happy Bricks, work is currently underway to turn the idea into reality. Here are a few photo of the shed at the beginning still full of our stuff, then cleared out waiting for work to begin, and the work in progress….

This is a fantastic opportunity for The Green Room and it means we can increase the qualifications we can offer to our pupils to include Science GCSE, which both pupils and teachers are very excited about.

Here is a little bit about the two companies who have made this possible…….

SAP helps organisations of all sizes and industries overcome the complexities that plague our businesses, our jobs, and our lives. With Run Simple as our operating principle, SAP’s nearly 74,500 employees focus on a singular purpose that inspires us every day: To help the world run better and improve people’s lives.”

Happy Bricks is a small non-profit charitable organisation, focusing on the lives of disadvantaged children across the globe, raising money to fundamentally improve the quality of the environment they live in. Happy Bricks firmly believes in the development of creative surroundings that are fit for purpose and promote a nurturing, supportive, loving and educational environment which, in turn, increases happiness.”

Read more about their motivation to help The Green Room on the Happy Bricks blog

Photos of the finished lab will follow!

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