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Our Programme

Strong relationships with our pupils underpin our Careers Programme, which seeks to ensure that every pupil has the necessary direction, clarity and support to help them make sound choices about their next step, career direction and life beyond The Green Room.

By understanding each pupil’s strengths, passions and skills, they are provided with a bespoke careers experience as they pass through our schools.

A careers focus is embedded throughout our curriculum, in both academic and more practical lessons, to improve pupils’ awareness of different careers as well as the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in them. Lessons have a regular futures focus, which includes learning about different careers, routes into them and labour market information. Careers are also taught through PSHE and the BTEC curriculum with interview skills, CV writing and a mock interview day.

Our programme is based around meeting the eight Gatsby benchmarks for good careers guidance and reviewed using the Compass evaluation tool.

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