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Pupil Resources

This is a place to view the various work and study choices available to you

Access your online careers platform:

What are my options after leaving The Green Room?

‘Get the Jump’, Skills for Life has been created by the National Careers Service  to help you understand all your different education and training choices, how they compare and where they can lead. 

Colleges offer a wide range of courses, starting at all levels, which provide a great way to boost your skills and future employability. A list of colleges and further education providers in our catchment area is here

If you would prefer to earn while you learn, an apprenticeship (or a traineeship) is a great option that combines real work - and real pay! - with gaining qualifications that will set you up for your future career.

Have a look at these apprenticeship stories or search for apprenticeships based on your interests and location.

What is my dream job?

There are so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. These three websites have loads of ideas to get you started:

Lets you explore jobs by sector, by subject, or starting with what’s important to you.

Find a career based on your interests using:

BBC Bitesize lets you search for careers alphabetically with its Careers A to Z 

This careerometer lets you compare different jobs based on salary and working hours, as well as whether or not it is a growth area.

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