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Photo Gallery

Photos from events and activities from The Green Room

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Arts Award Film Day

We had a fantastic day filming the short promotional film about The Green Room for the Arts Award Leadership project, where pupils developed their leadership skills by planning the film locations, directing the various film clips and organising the wrap party at the end. There were 3 film locations, each with different scenes going on. Here are some photos of the day, click here to read our blog post and find out more.

PiXL Award Ceremony

Four well deserving pupils went off to London to attend the PIXL Celebrating Success Award Ceremony. We have nominated these four pupils to be award winners for their ongoing contribution, enthusiasm and achievements here at The Green Room.

Zombie Movie

The Green Room Media Studies pupils have made a short zombie horror movie as part of their ‪Arts Award. Read more about it and watch the film here

Science Lab Opening

We were delighted to welcome representatives from Happy Bricks and SAP to the opening of our Science lab, both of whom have made creating the lab from a storeage shed possible with very generous donations.

Christmas Market 2015

This year's Christmas Market was aimed at entertaining primary school kids, have a look at what we had on offer.........

Christmas Market Prep 2015

Pupils hard at work setting up for our Christmas Market

London Day Trip

We ended last half term with a fantastic day trip to London, the pupils all caught the train to Waterloo, as they needed to experience live art as part of the Arts Award. See the blog post for more


Arts Award - Shine Project

We launched this year’s Arts Award with a 'Shine' project, taking the word shine and exploring what it means, how it makes you feel, what does it make you think… the pupils made a collaborative film of moving images, photographs and sounds using this one word. Read the blog post for more



Bike Ride to Dorney Lake

Taking advantage of the lovely weather, some pupils went on a bike ride to Dorney Lake.



The SAP Experience

As part of the ongoing partnership with SAP we were lucky enough to all go as a school to the SAP experience in Feltham. This was an opportunity to see the work and vision of one of the biggest software companies in the world.  


Sports Day 2015

The first ever Green room Sports Day!

Bray Lake 2015

 A fantastic day out at Bray Lake where the pupils had the opportunity to try paddle boarding. We had a great time and it was a fab way to end the year

Arts Challenge Gallery

Exhibition of the Arts Challenge unit of the Silver and Bronze level Arts Award, where the year 11s were sharing their work and receiving feedback from friends teachers or mentors.  It was also a celebration of their achievements as exams have finished and it was their last week at The Green Room.

Arts Award Workshop

The year 11s have been working on their Silver and Bronze level Arts Award and the lower years on their Explore level. They have been working on the award for the past year, ending at the end of last term with running their own workshops, to find out more, read the blog post

Horse Show 2015

The pupils enjoyed a great day out at the Windsor Horse show, set in the castle grounds, there were lots of interesting stalls and displays to look around, shows to watch and experiences to try. To find out more read the blog post

Ice Skating and Dodgems 
On the last day of term before breaking up for Christmas we took advantage of a local attraction and took the pupils Ice Skating and on the dodgems.


Christmas Market 2014
Photos from our fundraising Christmas Market 


Everyone Act Normal, Derren's  Coming!
We had a fantastic afternoon when our Patron, Derren Brown came to visit and spend time with the pupils. For more info on the day, visit our blog
Odds Farm Day Trip



To celebrate World Animal Day we took a trip to the lovely local Odds Farm.

European Day Of Languages



A Project Friday was inspired by European Day of Languages, a day to celebrate the rich diversity of language by showing people across Europe how important languages are, and what fun can be had learning them. For more information on the day, see our blog post



Roald Dahl Day 


On Roald Dahl's birthday, we named him as our Hero Of The Week and the inspiration for the Friday’s activities. For more information  on the day check out our blog post

Bray Lake Watersports 


we decided to celebrate the end of a great school year by taking The Green Room pupils to Bray Lake, for day of watersports. All pupils had the opportunity to try sailing, paddle boarding and kayaking.


Film Friday - A Day At The Museum


Pupils studied the ancient Egyptians, Chinese  and Aztecs, making ancient artefacts, and brough all the props to life, setting up a film set, turning The Green Room in to a museum. To see more about the day, see our blog post


Rock Climbing Day Trip


Pupils Visited the local Youth Centre for and afternoon of rock climbing and displayed great team work


Green Room Dog Walk


The students enjoying the lovely weather


Skilled For Life


Skilled For Life - a selection of photos from our Skilled For Life units, including Survival In The Wild, Cooking Cakes And Buns, Stage Sounds and Lights, and Writing a Children’s Book


Our Montessori Experiment


Photos from The Green Room spending the afternoon using the Montessori ethos approach to learning. For more information on the day see our blog post


The Christmas Market

Friday 6th December 2013, our Fundraising Christmas Market. Photos of the lovely stalls, gingerbread table, meeting Santa and the games. For more information on the day see our blog post 


Christmas Market Preparation

All the students and staff preparing The Green Room, making signs, decorations, stalls and decorating the gingerbread men.

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