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PJ Party Day @ GRK !

What a day! Recent times have been tough, so GRK thought it only right to forget the time table for once and have a day full of fun whilst being super comfy in pyjamas! What's not to love!? Pupils started the day with a home made Maccy D's McMuffin followed by the new Mulan movie as the first event in the brand new modular building (brilliant watch!). Popcorn and hot chocolate were supplied. After a pizza lunch pupils split off into their seperate tasks for the afternoon. They were able to determine the layout of their day from a choice of three activities. What was available? Well, there was a fire making / water boiling competition going on down in the Bushcraft area, all things spa related (make-up, shoulder massage, nails, foot soak), cornflake cakes, songs around the campfire with marshmallows, animal training, board games, reading with the guinea pigs, warhammer painting and mug painting!! Amongst all of this, the year 11s managed to take some time out of their morning to have some 1:1 Science, English & Math sessions. Top work from them. All in all..... what a fantastic day!!


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