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Our Story

From our beginning in 2004 to our three outstanding provisions now

Our original school, which wasn’t a school, began in just one room (the maths room at GRW). It was called The Green Room. Many of the GR habits and traditions to this day were born in that room. Sitting round a table, became circle time. Staff and pupils eating lunch together. The walk to sport, the simplicity of having a chat whilst playing a board game, the benefit of small classes and one to one work. Creating a space for good conversations, where people feel safe to be themselves and not be judged. It all started here, in The Green Room. A preparation for whatever is next, even if next is scary, here you are safe.  The name Green Room is a nod to our roots and now it has its own meaning. For what it means to the staff and pupils past and present belongs to them. 

We began as a part time project with three pupils, helping them to re-engage with education.  We became an Ofsted registered Independent School in 2014, judged as outstanding in October 2018.

The Green Room Foundation now operates two independent schools, the original one in Windsor on a small site nestled in the Victorian streets, and the second in Kingsley, based on Old Park Farm, amidst 120 acres of rolling Hampshire countryside. Both schools offer unique opportunities for our pupils but are bound by the same ethos that drives our work.

We also offer a post 16 provision, The Green Room College (GRC) which comprises GR6 (year 12), and Wings (year 13) designed to help our students continue on their path to adulthood. We provide all pupils with opportunities to move on to GRC, further education, employment or their own business ventures. GRC is based in a unique setting at The Swan Pub in Clewer, Windsor, where students can re-engage with real life experiences and employment opportunities.

Our mission is create a culture of alternative, unmissable and audacious education. We want the impact of The Green Room to continue to increase the opportunities for our pupils as they progress through life, through an approach that places equal importance on currency, culture, character and careers. We aim to ‘Start a Path’ for every pupil, and give them the self belief and resilience to not be fearful of where this path leads. We aim to inspire change by evoking curiosity, developing kindness, and establishing life goals.

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