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Welcome to GRK

What is GRK?

The Green Room School, Kingsley (GRK) is an Outstanding Independent Day School, catering for children and young people from 11-16 years with Educational Health Care Plans (EHCPs). The school is situated on Old Park Farm near the village of Kingsley in Hampshire. We have a fantastic environment which enables us to deliver an exciting and diverse curriculum to each and every child. Our bungalow school house and new modular school building, which houses a purpose built science lab, are complimented by an arctic cabin, sport/trade skills barn, allotment, polytunnel and lots and lots of animals.


Here at GRK we utilise individual EHCPs as a springboard to explore the right techniques, qualifications and therapy options to best suit the individual needs of each pupil; whether this be for specific learning difficulties or emotional and behavioural support. We continuously work alongside our families and actively collaborate and seek out additional professional and outside agency support required to meet the individual needs of pupils. GRK is an outstanding school that uses its surroundings and staff to great effect.


‘In time, and with great care and support, pupils become brave and resilient learners’. (Ofsted, 2018).

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