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Academic Curriculum

It is the duty of The Green Room Kingsley to re-write the negative aspects of previous school experience, by offering a safe and secure environment, with engaging hands on practice, to reignite a passion for learning and drive to succeed.


Pupils will be supported not just academically to bridge gaps in their knowledge but also emotionally, enabling then to make positive life choices and interact socially with staff, their peers and build relationships in the future. This is a place where the academic and therapeutic approach are inextricably linked. Being situated on a farm, pupils will take on the responsibility of working alongside and caring for a range of animals which in itself will have enormous therapeutic rewards.

We are brave and reflective, exploring what works best for every pupil, offering a bespoke and flexible timetable for all. We believe that all pupils want to succeed; we will give them the space, time and guidance they will need to do so.

At The Green Room Kingsley, pupils are offered the opportunity to start again, to start a new journey. Expectations are clear and simple to assist pupils in making the right choices and move forward in their education. Our timetable reflects a wealth of enriching subjects that pupils will engage with, offering a wide range of skills that may ignite a spark that could lead to a passion and career

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An understanding of maths is fundamental to a young person's ability to understand the World around them and to make a successful transition into further study and/or employment. Our aim is to identify and bridge gaps in knowledge and skills, so that pupils are confident in the KS2 curriculum before moving onto KS3 / KS4 programmes of study. From Year 10, our pupils have the opportunity to gain an Entry Level Certificate, with a GCSE to follow in Year 11 for those that are ready. Each pupil has an individual learning plan and we aim to help them reconnect with the subject, grow in confidence and make good progress through group lessons and weekly 1:1 teaching tailored to their individual needs. Throughout our study of different topics, we explore practical and real-life contexts to make links between learning and the relevance of mathematical skills in daily life and in different careers.

English is a dynamic language and integral to young peoples’ ability to function in wider society. Through the study of English pupils can gain a means to effectively communicate and a level of comprehension that promotes an enjoyment of reading. Our aim is to consolidate KS2 skills in order for our young people to access the KS3 and KS4 curriculum given periods of absence from mainstream education. Alongside filling the gaps in prior knowledge, we aim to teach a vigorous and varied KS3 curriculum that draws on cross curricular links. It is our intention that this will adequately prepare students for KS4 English qualifications appropriate to their individual requirements, starting from Year 10, as well as fostering a love for literature. Pupils experience group lessons following different units of work as well as bespoke 1:1 sessions that are developed from an Individual Learning Plan. They also invest in deepening their understanding of literature through guided reading sessions. The course of study allows students to be: confident in developing and working with their own ideas and those of others responsible for their own learning and reflective as learners innovative and equipped for new and future challenges engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference


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Science connects so many different areas of the curriculum together to help young people understand the world around them as well as helping to deepen their understanding of other subjects at GRK. All three sciences are inescapably a part of our everyday lives and our aim is to help pupils embrace this to progress in science at GRK through as much practical, hands-on learning as possible. The pupils are often working outside in the natural environment and grow ever more inquisitive about the world around them. Science helps them make sense of this world and our setting provides lots of real life settings for experiments. Our curriculum also encourages pupils to ask questions, apply critical scientific thinking, plan their ideas, work on accuracy and precision, document their findings and evaluate, all of which are important life skills to take with them when they leave GRK. It is our intention that all pupils at The Green Room will have the opportunity to take at least the Entry Level Certificate in Science. Pupils then have the opportunity to move onto GCSE science too where 1:1 sessions are provided alongside normal class time to help pupils develop their confidence further before the exams.

PSHE at The Green Room Kingsley gives us the opportunity to challenge pupil beliefs and opinions, contextualise skills learnt across the curriculum and give them a greater understanding about the world we live in and their impact on it. We have a duty to ensure all pupils have a wider view of world and the people within it. It helps our pupils to develop fully as an individual and as a member of a school, family and society. It provides our pupils with the practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive and responsible lives. Building on character ensures well rounded young adults ready to embark on their own lives. Our development of the RSE (Relationship Sex Education Programme) in line with government guidance allows pupils to gain a greater understanding of relationships. It focuses on exploring the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up, having relationships and learning about human sexuality and sexual health.


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History / Georgraphy / RS


Humanities looks at the world with a broad brush. Through the study of Humanities, students will have a better understanding the society and cultures they inhabit, influenced as they are by religion, money, war, power, and love. A sound understanding of the history and geography of the world around us makes for more rounded students that can have broad-ranging discussions and opinions. It encourages students to challenge their preconceptions, to see things from different perspectives and undertake critical thinking. We cover historical topics ranging from racism in Britain and the origins of the Black Lives Matter movement, the geography and ecosystems of Antarctica, and the five major religions. Work and content is highly differentiated to ensure that all students, no matter their starting point, can access the lesson. Whichever branch of Humanities is being covered, be it Geography, History or RS, we aim to make student's time in the classroom fun, engaging and rewarding.


Reading is an essential part of everyday life as well as a potentially enjoyable experience where imagination and creativity can be let loose. Reading is embedded in the GRK culture whether it be guided reading sessions diving into different texts or trips to a bookshop on World Book Day. Cross curricular links are established within all subjects and 1:1 sessions provide interventions to fill any gaps, including phonic development.




All of our pupils are offered weekly 1:1 sessions in English and Maths, and Science for those working towards a GCSE and to help address gaps in learning and boost progress, which in many cases had stalled due to a previous lack of engagement with education. These are therefore bespoke to the pupil and help to renew their confidence in these subjects in order to reach their full potential.

Literacy / Numeracy

Pupils often arrive at GRK having missed school, with gaps in their learning. We maximise their progress and build confidence through multiple opportunities across the curriculum to practice and build on literacy and numeracy skills.  There are bespoke literacy and numeracy skill lessons and ‘Manglish’ - a catch up session following on from English or Maths.

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