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 Developing skills in literacy and numeracy underpin progress in all areas of the curriculum at the GRK. All pupils will take appropriate examinations in English, maths and science, from ELC through to GCSEs. In addition to these subjects all pupils also follow programmes of study in PSHE, citizenship and growth mindset We aim for all pupils to achieve a GCSE in English, Maths and Science in addition to an ELC in English, Maths and Science. BTEC Land Based Studies, BTEC Trade, Arts Award and their Under 16 Tractor Driving Qualification. Many pupils are also Diana Award Anti Bullying ambassadors and we also offer Duke of Edinburgh Qualification. The subjects are defined by the skills and passions we have as staff members, but if a pupil has an interest in pursuing a subject that we don’t offer, we will do our best to facilitate it.

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