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GRK is a therapeutic environment with the well-being of the pupils at its centre. A therapeutic approach is taken across the school whether in sport, art, equine, horticulture, trade, bushcraft or the more traditional subjects. Here on the farm we have a full-time humanistic therapist who offers one to one sessions with our pupils. The approach focuses on the individual as a whole, taking into account mental, physical and emotional needs. It encourages pupils to think about their feelings and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. The emphasis is on self-development and achieving potential rather than on problematic behaviour. No two people are the same and no two sessions are the same - they might involve an activity, a game, or something creative; we might walk around the farm and spend time with the animals. The aim is to create a safe and trusting space where we are able to identify and explore concerns, interests and strengths and to develop self-awareness and resilience. Alongside individual therapy - and in a beautiful woodland setting - we also run environmental therapy groups, which offer pupils an additional context in which to explore these issues.

Level Best

Level Best is a system that helps pupils change their own lives for the better. Level Best consists of three levels, each one consisting of three self-imposed challenges that must be achieved before progressing to the next one. By taking ownership of what holds them back, we work together with the pupils to track their therapeutic progress. Level Best is simple but effective. Achievable for any pupil that is motivated to ‘level up’ it’s a great mentoring tool for staff and for those pupils who reach Level 2 or Level 3 we not only see huge changes in behaviour and attitude but also a direct increase in attendance and academic progress. Level Best goes straight to the root of the problem and tackles what matters most.

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