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Our Montessori Experiment


Last Friday we decided to try something new with The Green Room students, and experimented with the Montessori Education system. The Montessori ethos focuses on children’s capacity to learn when given the freedom and independence to do so at their own pace with specifically developed materials in a prepared environment. In four different rooms, we provided equipment and gave the students the following choices of activity:

In the Art Room we provided paint and gave them the brief of decorating the walls, creating an inspirational and calm but functional environment.

In the Studio we created a photographic studio, providing costumes and lighting and challenged them to create a photographic portfolio called ‘Life’

In the Diner, we provided a deck of cards and the rules to Gin Rummy and asked them to teach

IMG_5070 copy.JPG

themselves a new game. Alternatively, there was a large box of lego and the challenge was to ‘build anything’.

In a classroom, all the English and Maths text and exercise books were laid out and the students were free to catch up on or extend their current work.

The results of this experiment were pleasantly surprising as we had a great afternoon, the students embraced the freedom provided, were very creative and showed a real desire to learn without being taught. Click here to see more photos

“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught” – Winston Churchill.

@EverydayArtsUK is a #youthcharity that inspires kids to discover their brilliance through a unique learning programme of theatre, dance, film and #alternativeeducation. @DerrenBrown is our patron. We pride ourselves in our #GreenRoomProject, which is set up for #SchoolRefusers and children with #statements of special educational needs #SENs.

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