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Remembrance Day


On Friday, The Green Room pupils spent the day learning about World War I, conducting their own investigations into The Somme and other great battles of the war, working on factsheets, and exploring their own historical connection to the war. We also made poppies out of various materials in different styles, which are now displayed on the door to our studio.

All The Green Room pupils and staff gathered together at 11am to observe the two minute silence, whilst watching similar scenes up and down the country on the TV, as the news portrayed images of The Tower Of London, Westminster Abbey, The Cenotaph, Trafalgar Square and various churches, schools and military bases all over the UK.

Our Headteacher was so impressed with the conduct of all our pupils, he said:

“I was bursting with pride at 11 o’clock this morning when the entire school gathered in the studio to pay our respects to those who have fallen. It can be a challenge for the younger generation to understand the importance of this day, but I’m delighted that thanks to the recent work done in our History and Discovery Friday sessions, our pupils not only understood but had the maturity and empathy to demonstrate it in front of their peers.

There are days when I am reminded why we started this school. Today was one of them.”

Joe Sparks

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